Social Media 101 & 201 in Ten Tweets

My first blog post was too long!  I’m wordy:)  (The original included a whole section on Social Fresh Tampa that will become a future standalone post.)  Here’s my first post translated into Twitterais for the Twitterati in ten Tweets:

  1. Created SM boot camp via @socialfresh Tampa, free webinars & conf, following leaders on Twitter, reading, reading & more reading
  2. It’s actually not about Facebook, Twitter, #in, YouTube, etc.:  Social media are the *how* and not the *what*
  3. Old Biz style:  Marketing & PR created one way communication; Sales & Svc had two-way communication with peeps on individual basis
  4. New Biz with SM:  Create a community via different platforms where all brand, PR and support streams connect & interact with audience
  5. Social media are more casual ways to engage, educate, entertain, converse, listen & strengthen the emotional bond with your audience
  6. Measure SM ROI?  Yes.  By sales & $$?  Not at first.  Get full picture by analyzing combined SM data/buzz vs. just FB or Twitter or #in, etc
  7. SM allows you to build a community conversation in real-time with an audience; meet people where they are, connect, listen and respond
  8. 2011 is the year that social media goes mainstream for all businesses and not just big brands.
  9. Would love to attend SXSW in the future so that I can get rid of my SXSW envy:)
  10. SM creates a global community connecting everyone around the world; which enhances both life and business!

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