Rebirthing Two Nations in One Weekend

Two nations were psychologically reborn recently.  The first was England, the mother, who through the marriage of Prince William to his commoner fiancée Kate Middleton healed the thirty year old sin of his father.  All of England, and much of the world, watched as they pledged themselves to each other.  The intimacy of their bond was clear and was a balm to all who mourned Princess Diana’s death.

I watched the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.  All I could think then was how lucky she was!  Life proved just how unlucky she was since her husband was in love with someone else when he married her.  Charles married Diana to be the royal incubator to produce heirs for the throne.  She was a very young twenty.  I was young too and clearly had watched way too many Cinderella and Disney movies.  It just seemed so magical.  Slowly, the ugly truth came out and they divorced fourteen years later.  Maybe Diana could still be happy.  Her chance was short-lived with her untimely death in August 1997.  I cried for Diana a lot that weekend, even though I’m an American and never met her.  She, and her story, resonated with me.

After Wills and Kate’s engagement, I hit Google to do some research.  My conclusion, based on variety of information, is that they are a good match.  I believe Diana hand-picked Kate for her beloved Wills.  Didn’t buy into much of the pre-wedding hype, but knew I would watch it that Friday morning, very early EDT.  I was completely delighted and surprised by how much it *made me smile!*  Their wedding made me happy!  Thought, “If I feel this way, imagine how England feels!”  Switched from ABC to CNN to find Piers Morgan and Cat Deeley accompanying Anderson Cooper on coverage in time to hear Piers declare, “The (battered) British monarchy is back!”  Piers later tweet, “I’m so proud to be British today.”

Some people may say, “What’s the big deal?  It’s just a wedding!”  If you believe in Carl Jung’s collective unconscious, or the idea of psychological DNA, then for England, a country with royalty for over a thousand years, this event was a very big deal.  It was healing.  It signified a new beginning, one based on truth, real love.  I felt England being uplifted and believe they will give the new Duke & Duchess of Cambridge the space they need to flourish and grow.  Also believe that William & Kate will be together for life, very happily married, creating the new version of English royalty, whatever that will mean in the decades to come.

That seemed like enough good for one weekend.  But late that Sunday night, I signed on to Twitter while waiting for DVR to record Brothers & Sisters, to see a tweet that the President would be addressing the nation shortly.  That was intriguing enough to stay on Twitter until I saw a tweet that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.  I immediately turned on CNN, who at that point was sticking by journalistic rules and hadn’t announced it yet.  Needless to say, watching the news and then President Obama’s speech was amazing, historic and momentous.  Being on Twitter afterwards was incredible; to feel the healing, the emotion, the ‘Finally Justice!’ and watching people gather around the White House and WTC.  It became very apparent this was a healing the U.S. really, REALLY, needed.  It’s been a very difficult decade since 9/11.

There have been all sorts of news reports and tweets over the past two weeks whether it was real, right, self-defense, execution, Pakistan knew where he was, didn’t know, right down to his pot smoking and porn habits.  It took me until yesterday, reading people’s tweets and Facebook comments about his porn, to fully realize that OBL had become our psychological boogeyman instead of just a man (pretty sure the porn brings him back to just a man status).  Through war and military action, we finally vanquished our boogeyman.

The psychologist in me likes to play by saying, “Ah, the mother had a wedding showering love on the world, so the self-emancipated eldest child had to one up her by killing Osama Bin Laden and saying, “Look world, look what we’ve done!”  America was born out of war.  The Revolutionary War, from which we won our emancipation.  If I knew it before, I forgot, but the Royal Wedding reminded me that “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” is actually a remake of “God Save the Queen.”

It’s rather amazing to count how many wars we’ve been in the past 235 years.  It’s easy to see that war is an extremely regular pattern in U.S. history:  A rebirth has followed many.  The most touted being our world dominance and baby boom after WWII, and some may say the computer revolution after Vietnam.  It’s made me wonder if our psychological DNA consists of aggression and war?  Is this what we need to continually grow and improve?  Is this the only way we know how to advance ourselves?  Is this why we love Terminator and Rocky movies and Call of Duty is the best-selling video game  Now that OBL is dead, which was necessary, can we end these wars and focus on solving our problems at home?

The past two months have been very busy:  Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, US tornadoes, Royal Wedding, finally getting Osama Bin Laden and now the Mississippi River is two miles wide barreling down on the southeast (again).  Japan has been dwarfed in the headlines, so I was amazed to see @Time tweet on May 11th:  Japan has decided to stop building nuclear power plants.  How much courage and leadership does it take when you’re standing in the midst of the rubble to make that declaration?  To tell your nation we have seen the error of our ways?  We will find a better way.  Can you see the U.S. declaring that we’ll never go to war again?  Can you even visualize the U.S. never going to war again?  They say that visualization is the first step to manifestation, hence the phrase, “Visualize World Peace.”

I don’t know the answer.  My immediate hope is that the people of England and the U.S. feel uplifted after the recent healing and will now work to make things better at home and in the world.

What do you think?


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