Oprah’s Love Letter to Us

I just finished watching the final Oprah Winfrey show.  Twice.  The first time I experienced it.  The second time I was writing down my favorite quotes on the inside of the June issue of O magazine with “THANK YOU!” on the cover.  Initially planned to tweet them out, but a blog post is much more appropriate; unlimited characters and more permanent.  So here, in Oprah’s own words, are twenty-five quotes summarizing her twenty-five year show:

1.  “I wanted to encourage you to be more of yourself.”

2.  “I always wanted to be a teacher.  And I ended up in the world’s biggest classroom.”

3.  “This is what I was called to do. … Everybody has a calling. … Your real job is to figure out what yours is and get about the business of doing it.”

4.  “Each one of you has your own platform. … Yours is wherever you are. … Use your power in your circle of influence.”

5.  “We’re all confused about fame vs. service in this country.”

6.  “Use your life to serve the world.”

7.  “Nobody but you is responsible for your life.  Doesn’t matter what your momma did; doesn’t matter what your daddy didn’t do.”

8.  “You are responsible for the energy you create for yourself, and that you bring to others.”

9.  “All of life is energy.  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  That is the abiding law that I live by.  The Golden Rule to the 10th power.”

10.  “You are responsible for your life.  When you get that, everything changes.  So don’t wait for somebody else to fix you, save you or complete you.  (Jerry Maguire was just a movie!)”

11.  “All addictions have the same root.  This show has taught me there’s a common thread to our pain and suffering:  unworthiness.”

12.  “We often block our own blessings because we didn’t feel inherently good enough … or worthy enough.”

13.  “What this show has taught me is that you are worthy because you were born.  And because you are here.  You, alone, are enough.

14.  “I’ve spoken with nearly 30,000 people; they all wanted validation.  ‘Do you see me?  Do you hear me?  Does what I say mean anything to you?'”

15.  “Understand this one principle:  Everybody wants to be heard.”

16.  “Try it with your children, your husband, your wife, your friends, your co-workers:  Give them this gift – ‘I see you.  I hear you.  What you say matters.'”

17.  “We (everyone at The Oprah Winfrey Show) are all aligned with a vision of service to our viewers.”

18.  “I’ve been asked many times what is the secret to my success.  My answer is always the same:  ‘My team & Jesus.’  Nothing but the hand of God has made this possible for me.”

19.  “Many of you have asked, ‘What God do you refer to?’  The Alpha and the Omega … the divine force … the one and only G*O*D … that’s the one I’m talking about.”

20.  “Grace is always working in my life and it can be in yours too.  It’s yours for the asking.”

21.  “I have felt the presence of God my whole life, even when I didn’t have a name for it.  … Be still and know it. … Know it.”

22.  “What I know is God is love and God is life.  And your life is always speaking to you.”

23.  “And so I ask you:  What are the whispers in your life? … Your life is speaking to you. … What is it saying?”

24.  “You all have been a safe harbor for me. … You and this show have been the great loves of my life.”

25.  “I thank you for sharing this yellow brick road of blessings. … I won’t say goodbye; I’ll just say, ‘Until we meet again.’  To God be the Glory.”

Miss Oprah Gail Winfrey, what I know for sure is that I am a better person after watching your show the past ten years!  Thank you. Godspeed and Love!



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