LNKD In 8 Tweets

On May 12th @garyvee (Twitter Bio:  Family 1st! but after that, Businessman- @Vaynermedia, I taste wine @dailygrape, Author of @TYEbook & a dude that Loves the hustle, people & the @nyjets http://thankyoueconomybook.com) tweeted, “Do you like/use linkedin ? Yes/No and why.”  This blog post is the fleshed out version of my eight tweets sent in reply, plus.

First tweet:  “LI since 2006. Biz dream; especially now it’s common to switch careers/industries. Great way to stay connected to old work peeps!”  Shorthand to indicate I joined LinkedIn in 2006 and think it’s a dream for those in business who move around a lot.

Decided to expand with second tweet: “Didn’t really use until laid off. Great job search/networking tool. OL work communities. Also, online Rolodex as peeps move around.”  Although I joined in 2006, I didn’t have a 100% complete profile with photo until 2010.  Up until that point, I LinkedIn to people, but didn’t do too much with it.  Now I use the job search tool, post status updates, join groups and participate in discussions, add events, create polls … in short, I actually use it!

A networking meeting presentation which really made an impact came to mind, so my third tweet:  “LI charges ~ $200 to post job; other job boards are ~ $800. But if you post under a group, it’s free:) All real, current jobs.”  Critical thing I learned about LinkedIn recently that made me intuitively know it will continue to grow:  they charge 25% of what job boards like Career Builder, Indeed, etc. do and they don’t show jobs which have already been filled.  Jobs posted on LinkedIn are real and currently available.  For the savvy LI user / recruiter / company, anyone who joins a group, e.g. Social Media Marketing, can post a job for free under that group.

Fourth tweet was born from a recruiter who spoke at networking meeting: “Per mtgs: Recruiters love LI: it’s cheap & can tap ‘passive candidates’ (currently employed). Think LI to soon replace job boards.”   Not only is it less expensive for a company to post on LI, but it allows HR recruiters to search their huge database for people with the skills they seek.  As this recruiter said, “Instead of posting a job and praying that the right person responds, you can search yourself using keywords to find and engage them.”

Fifth tweet:  “LI: Can ‘group’ your connections: colleagues, partners, etc. Moved geo; then laid off. Have new TB peeps grouped; find easy” communicated how you can segment connections.  You can group connections by colleagues, group members, friends, partners and classmates.

Sixth tweet:  “Per LI preso @ Pinellas Prof Network Mtg: Global comp reduced HR recruiting costs from $3M down to $1Million by solely using LI.”  Saw video of HR executive at global company stating she’d reduced her annual recruiting budget by $2 million using LinkedIn.  Regardless of the economic collapse of past three years, that is an example of the value and cost containment businesses seek, plain and simple.

Seventh tweet:  “Whether SM consultant or wine expert, I’d be adding all clients to LI. Orgs / Co’s not faceless; just people. They move around.”  People hire people.  Work experts say it’s becoming common to change jobs every three to five years.  LinkedIn is a way to stay connected to everyone, colleagues and clients, from different positions.  The real beauty is that your connections do the work of keeping their information current for you!

Eighth tweet:  “Most folks use FB for just fam & friends; not all on twttr. LI is ‘safe’ for work/assoc/event peeps. SM strategy should incl LI!”  Early adopters, geeks and social media peeps aside, many adults restrict their Facebook to friends and family only.  A lot aren’t on Twitter.  Most consider LinkedIn the social networking site for work and professional association / event contacts.  Given this, everyone working in social media marketing needs to consider LinkedIn in their overall strategy.

A week after Gary Vay-ner-chuk tweeted his LinkedIn question and my tweet take on it, LNKD went public and doubled its initial price offering the first day.  http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/05/19/us-linkedin-ipo-risks-idUSTRE74H0TL20110519  At this moment June 7th a.m., it’s trading at $83.xx.  http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=LNKD&ql=1

On June 1st LinkedIn announced a new “Apply with LinkedIn” button, which will allow people to submit their profiles in lieu of a résumé.  LI profiles contain typical resume information, as well as include recommendations, blogs, groups one belongs to and other valuable information to potential employers.  I have my LinkedIn profile linked on my résumé.

LinkedIn is here to stay with an appropriate market value.  #LI is in the process of revolutionizing professional networking and job placement, and provides everyone with a professional online platform for their own personal branding.

That’s my take on LNKD; what’s yours?  Do you use LinkedIn?  Like it?

Here’s LNKD ringing NYSE’s bell on May 19th:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCrYkEVygIs

Wikipedia’s overview of the company:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LinkedIn


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