Tomatoes Divine!

Three years ago during a conversation with one of my favorite VPs at the last company I worked for I said, “Someday I’m going to write a blog and call it ‘The World According to Karen.'”  When I said that, I envisioned about twenty years down the road when I had some time on my hands.  Since life rarely goes the way you plan it, I found myself starting a blog this spring as a vehicle to show potential employers I can write and have a voice.  (During an interview in May one of the hiring managers said, “I spent way more time on your LinkedIn than I intended to; I read your blog.  You are an excellent writer!”  Not only did her comment make me feel good, but I knew that my personal branding strategy was working!)  I want to do social media marketing / be a Community Manager (you blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. for a brand), so I started blogging about social media.  But decided ‘The World According to Karen’ sounded too vague and so for SEO and consistent branding purposes went with my Twitter user name @karenbaglin with the subheading ‘My View From Here.’  After three posts on social media, I wanted to write about other things as well.  So I freed my blog and today I’m adding a cuisine category.  I love to cook.  Even though I’m a career woman who knows business, I’ve always used cooking as a way to relax and bring joy and pleasure to life and those I love.  Today begins a series of weekend posts of my favorite recipes; without the long intro after this. 😉

Tomatoes Divine came to life about five or six years ago; I was working a lot and often wouldn’t get home until 7 p.m. or later.  It was summer, hot and I wanted to eat lighter.  I’d go to the Rochester Public Market April – November and there was a vendor who sold really beautiful medium-sized greenhouse grown tomatoes, so always had nice ones on hand.  I’d been making this for dinner about three summers in a row when I realized, ‘This is really very good; I should share it!’  During a visit to my BFF  in San Diego I made it as an appetizer for a small pool BBQ they were having and it was a definite hit.  My BFF’s husband said, “This is restaurant quality!”  So I started making it to bring to family events, etc.  My brother Jeff renamed it to ‘Tomatoes Divine!’  So here’s the very simple, fast and yummy recipe:


Fresh tomato (room temperature) ~ 1 per person

Salt / fresh ground pepper

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 1 tablespoon per 2 tomatoes

Fresh garlic ~ 1 clove per tomato


Crumbled feta cheese; plain or herbed

1 scallion per tomato

Wash the tomatoes in warm water and soap or vinegar or lemon.  Dry.  Core and slice on platter.  Sprinkle w/ salt and fresh ground pepper.  Pour some extra virgin olive oil into a large tablespoon from your flatware and drizzle over all slices.  (The spoon prevents you from using too much EVOO.) Mince fresh garlic and with a knife, flick some of the minced garlic from garlic press on top of each tomato slice.  Using fork, spoon capers from jar (fork prevents too much brine from accompanying capers) and sprinkle some on each slice.  Sprinkle crumbled feta cheese on slices.  Finish it with thinly sliced scallions on top of each slice.  Usually I’ll cut the tomato slices in half afterwards to make it easier to eat or if you’re serving as an appetizer you can quarter to spoon on to plate or pita, etc.  Make just before serving.

A shout-out to Tina:  My relative Tina makes this recipe as above and then sprinkles balsamic vinegar on top.  Try it both ways.  Experimentation in cooking creates masterpieces … just like in life!

I’ve eaten this as is for dinner with a nice red wine; generally Gouguenheim’s Malbec:  Maybe @garyvee has a better wine suggestion to go with this?

It’s really good by itself, but if you’re serving as an appetizer, you can serve with pita, Triscuits, little bread / baguette slices, whatever you’d like.  I emailed the recipe a couple years ago and my BFF in SD replied, “I made this for a bunko party and the women were literally licking their plates!”  A sure sign it’s yummy! 😀


12 Comments on “Tomatoes Divine!”

  1. Marci says:

    Tomatoes Divine is absolutely divine 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    looks really yummy. Can’t wait to try it.

  3. DJ Waldow says:

    Looks WONDERFUL. Rochester as in Rochester, NY? You know that I grew up there, right? Did we already talk about this?

    • Karen Baglin says:

      Hi DJ, I hope you & Kristina like it! It should fit all #28days requirements too;-) Yes, Rochester, NY … #ROC in the house:D I don’t think we did but now I know the reason for the natural affinity!

  4. Darla says:

    Awesome blog girl! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Nice yoga toes. Love “the view from here.” Tomatoes, feta and capers — how can you go wrong!!

  6. Lene says:

    I have also used the “leftovers” if on the rare occassion there are any, with pasta. It is great at room temperature…….

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