#FF Dirty Martini ~ for Liz

This afternoon I saw a tweet from @LizStrauss, a successful branding and blogging entrepreneur, that read, “Someone just asked me to describe me in 3 words. What 3 wds would you say about me? What 3 wds would you say about you?”  I’ve been following Liz almost as long as I’ve been on Twitter, so I replied back, “Yours: Brand Girl, Leader, Thinker … I’ll own those too!”  Was surprised when she replied, “I like that — twin word sets!!”  So I thought WTH, I’ll send her my ‘Brand Love’ post and tweeted back, “My ode to ‘Brand Love’ for your reading pleasure 😀 https://karenbaglin.wordpress.com/2011/03/25/brand-love/”  To my amazement and delight, she retweeted it and replied back ,”Love that!! :)”  Ok, people, that made my day!  I replied, “Thank you very much Liz! Truly; I needed that!” To which she replied, “Easy to tell the truth. Easy to applaud great content. :)”  That more than made my day.

I’ve worked full-time since I foolishly dropped out of college in my junior year; finished my degree while working full-time at Xerox.  I’m going through the longest period of unemployment since I was 19 years old.  No matter how confident you are, a protracted job search will definitely wrestle with your self-esteem, particularly when you are interviewing and not receiving job offers (also a first for me).  So this organic Twitter exchange, spontaneous, unplanned, she doesn’t know me from Eve, not only validated my recent efforts to reinvent myself, but was the Universe’s way of saying, ‘You just haven’t found your job yet!’  My sister Kim has told me more than once in the past year, “Karen, I’ve watched you reinvent yourself many times and I have every faith that you’ll do it again this time too.”  But my gratitude to Liz was so strong I thought, ‘If we were in the same city, I’d say let’s have a drink!’  Well, we’re not.  So here’s my Famous Dirty Martini recipe (famous to all who’ve had one) for Liz.  Liz, this one’s for you ~ Salute!  Cheers!  Namaste:)  And thanks for the reminder.

Double shot glass (2 oz)

Grey Goose Vodka (thanks to my BFF Lynn, who was here in July, there’s a bottle in the freezer)

Martini & Rossi Dry Vermouth

Double Stuffed Jalapeño & Garlic Olives (from @Costco of course)


Cocktail Onions

Fill shaker half to two-thirds with ice.  Below makes one martini; multiply based on how many you’re making:

Pour a shot glass of Grey Goose into cocktail shaker

Pour 1/2 shot glass of vermouth into shaker

Shake a few times and let sit

While the drink marinates, wash martini glasses if necessary.  In clean martini glass, put 3 jalapeño & garlic stuffed olives along with a teaspoon full of olive juice.  Add some cocktail onions (usually do at least 3) along with bit of juice.  Then add some hot jalapeños, along with some juice to taste.  I like things spicy, so I make them hot; so that your tongue has a little zing after drinking, oh yeah:)

After preparing the glasses, shake cocktail shaker again a few times.  I usually let it marinate for at least 4 – 5 mins, sometimes more if I didn’t add a lot of ice.  Pour martini into glasses, stir.  Voilà, you have an appetizer and martini in one.  Enjoy!!


4 Comments on “#FF Dirty Martini ~ for Liz”

  1. A toast to you, my friend! You are unsinkable. Keep the faith.

  2. Mariette Padilla says:

    Sounds Yummy! I will have to try one out. Are you the least bit suprised that I haven’t had one yet? lol.

    • Karen Baglin says:

      Hi Mariette! Since it’s your big birthday weekend, the time is ripe:) You will love it and yes I’m a bit surprised:) Marinating long enough is the key so it won’t be too strong for you. ❤ to you & the fam in San Diego! ~ Special K

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