Social Fresh Charlotte

Social Fresh Charlotte was held September 6th & 7th at the University Hilton on the UNCC campus in Charlotte, NC.  The very first Social Fresh conference was held in Charlotte; this was the third one there and twelfth conference overall.  This year Social Fresh became two-day events.  I attended Social Fresh Tampa in February and loved it so much drove up to Charlotte to learn more!  The major event sponsors were Chevrolet, HubSpot and Webtrends.  The Charlotte agenda was packed with *18* awesome speakers!  I live tweeted both days.  Listed below are the speakers, their Twitter handles, presentation topics and my favorite tweet from each talk.

Day 1 started at noon.  Launching the conference was Keynote speaker Christopher Penn (@cspenn), author of Marketing White Belt: Basics for the Digital Marketer and VP of Strategy for What Counts, who spoke on ‘Advanced Email and Social Integration.’  “Email newsletter or blog? *If* you can only have one, @cspenn says “Email; because I control how often peeps hear from me.”  Next up was Jeanne Hopkins (@jeannehopkins), Director of Marketing at HubSpot, who presented on ‘Content Marketing for Inbound Lead Generation.’  “It’s time to rethink marketing. Blogging is your inbound; magnet. Email is your outbound. Blog, baby, blog! Blogs attract 97% more links. Blogs will give you 55% visitors. This is what gives you more authority. ”  Vanessa Sain-Diéguez (@VSDieguez), Social Media Strategist for Hilton Worldwide, spoke about ‘Authentic Social Engagement through Empowered Employees.’ “Launched @HiltonSuggests in 13 markets; Tweets result in customer conversation; 50% reply back & 33% say “Thank You!”  Next up was Eric Boggs (@ericboggs), CEO of Argyle Social (event sponsor), who spoke on ‘Learning from the Data behind your Social Media Marketing.’ “Social Media Marketing = Marketing; Marketing = Driven by Outcomes; If A=B & B=C, then A=C”  Then David B. Thomas (@DavidBThomas), co-author of The Executive’s Guide to Enterprise Social Media Strategy and Director of Social Strategy at Radian6, presented ‘Lessons from B2B Social Media.’  “B2B service industry vs. product: even more important to provide good content, educate, engage & respond. ”  Brandon Uttley (@brandonuttley) and Roy Morejon (@RoyMorejon), co-founders of Command Partners, spoke about ‘Advanced SEO & Social Integration.’ “Goals of Online Mktg: Who: 2.0 Cust; What: Conversions; Where: Web & WOM; When: Now; Why: Sales/brand awareness ”  Wrapping up Day 1 was Keynote speaker, Justin Kistner (@justinkistner), Sr. Social Media Marketing Manager at Webtrends, who presented ‘Feeding the Beast.’  “US adoption of social: 52% of Americans are on social networks; 51% on Facebook; 13% on Twitter;* 7% on LBS.*  What works on Facebook? Fun content, simple questions, great pictures, photo albums.”  Then Webtrends provided a nice networking happy hour where we all had the opportunity to chat with speakers and attendees.

Day 2 ran from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and included 11 speakers; jam-packed!!  After morning Q&A panel, up first was Derek Halpern (@derekhalpern), Social Triggers blogger, who spoke on ‘How to Wring Results from your Blog.’  “Content gets traffic. Create remarkable content. 1- 3 posts/month will get you business.  Combine all: research, results, controversy, behind the scenes; article got 30K views in a week.”  The next speaker was Tom Webster (@webby2001),  VP of Strategy at Edison Research, who presented ‘Online & Offline Measurement.’  “Have to tie SM metrics to traditional marketing metrics.  Map new ones; does rise in SM mentions impact brand awareness?”  Lisa Hoffmann (@LisaHoffmann), Social Media Specialist at Duke Energy, spoke about ‘Sanely Training Employees in Social Media.’  “Employees need transparency; tell them what they can disclose as online spokespeople. Provide protocol tools!”  Next up was Chad Elkins (@ratpack), Digital Innovation Strategist at Engauge, who presented ‘Social Media Brand Loyalty.’  “Brand loyalists aren’t always brand advocates. Loyalty existed before social media; but SM gives it speakers.”  The Keynote Speaker for Day 2, Peter Shankman (@PeterShankman), author of Customer Service, New Rules for a Social Media World, founder of HARO and @Vocus Small Business Evangelist (and a really funny Ironman), spoke about life, PR and customer service.  If you get the chance to hear him speak, do it.  You will laugh your a** off.  He made me laugh so hard I cried; yes, at a social media conference:)  “PR, Social Media, Marketing … whatever you’re doing; it all comes down to customer service.  Concept of the village is back; think sewing circle, coffee clatch, but now it’s FB, Twitter, Google+”  The brave person who spoke after Peter was Heidi Sullivan (@hksully), VP of Media Research at Cision (event sponsor), who presented ‘The Reality Check Guide to Blogger Outreach.’  “1% of any pop are content creators; 9% are participants; 90% are simply content consumers.  We listen to each other. We’re curious about what everyone else thinks. Not that we’re cattle; but it’s human nature.”  James Andrews (@socialpeopleTV), founder of Social People, spoke about ‘Brand Lessons: 2011 Grammy Awards.’  “Treat bloggers as professionals; need same access as traditional media personnel. Make social a part of your Event experience; e.g. a “check-in” booth; create a hashtag; live tweeters, etc.”  Next Lisa Gilpin (@lisagilpin), Global Social Media Strategist for Weber Shandwick supporting General Motors, presented ‘Brand Lessons: Using Video to Humanize your Brand – GM.’  “Faces of GM: Blog & video. Adding the human touch.  For brands, being human is the new black.  It’s all about interesting stories; doesn’t matter if it’s blog; video; FB, Twitter, YouTube; use different advocates w/in company.”  Then Justin Levy (@justinlevy), Sr. Social Communications Manager at Citrix Online, spoke about ‘How to Create a Crisis Management Plan.’  “Do you have a documented digital crisis communication plan?  Companies are not clones; your crisis plan is specific to your biz; size; audience, etc.”  DJ Waldow (@djwaldow), CEO of WaldowSocial (event sponsor), presented ‘List Building: The secret to Email Marketing.’  “You live or die by your email list database.  Remember: Tell them WIIFM (What’s in it for me) when asking for email sign-up.”  Day 2 wrap-up presenter was Josh Hallett (@hyku), Director at Voce Connect, who spoke about ‘Content:  Foundation of Social Media.’  “Awareness, Engagement, Conversion, Advocacy; this is the desired state of all marketing  Good content planning doc will help you get management buy-in for SM.”

One of the things I love about Social Fresh is that their events have about three to four hundred people, which is a really nice size.  Chevy provided the networking reception after Day 2.  Social Fresh events are excellent for learning about all aspects of social media and internet marketing, meeting new people and networking.  Go if you get the chance!

Here’s a video from Day 1 at Social Fresh Charlotte:



4 Comments on “Social Fresh Charlotte”

  1. Thanks for the time spent in coming up with the page. I found it worthwhile.

    • Karen Baglin says:

      You’re welcome! I highly recommend social media conferences and think nursing homes & hospice care could really benefit from using blogs and social media. *Show your humanity!* Good Luck:)

  2. social says:

    Your site contains all the information I have been looking for! Thanks; great information and site.

    • Karen Baglin says:

      Thank you very much! I have a social media list on my Twitter profile where I follow a lot of social media marketers; there’s a wealth of information out there! Check it out:)

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