Breakfast Smoothie of Champions

I recently tired of switching between hard-boiled eggs, Greek yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast.  Some fresh pineapple had screamed ‘Buy me!’ on a Costco trip, so I decided to blend up a pineapple yogurt smoothie.  It was yummy:)  Made it like that for a couple of days until I thought, “Some ginger would be awesome in here!”  Long story short, this smoothie has blossomed over the past month or so and I absolutely love it!  It’s become a part of my morning routine before or after my walk.  It’s so simple:  pineapple, ginger, parsley, spinach and yogurt.  Just 5 ingredients, but together it tastes divine and my body loves it!

Pineapple – either fresh (peeled & chunked) or canned in juice.  Just switched to canned because fresh gets a bit grody about day 5.

Parsley – a handful, washed

Ginger – an inch chunk or so, peeled

Spinach – organic, washed, a couple of handfuls

Greek Yogurt – plain, 0% fat, 3 large spoonfuls

Blend the first four ingredients, then add in the yogurt and blend one more time.  If you click on each ingredient above, you’ll link to their health benefits.  What you’ll find is the first four are all anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer foods, with a ton of other nutritional benefits.  The yogurt provides the protein.  I estimate this smoothie is about 300 calories; 1 cup of the yogurt is 140 and a cup of pineapple is 160.  A cup of Greek yogurt provides 24 grams of protein.  Perfect for breakfast!  If you’re doing intense training, you could add some protein powder too.

Quite a while ago I bought Cook Right 4 Your Type, a cookbook based on the best foods for each blood type.  My blood is B positive, which I know from giving blood.  The above ingredients are listed under the highly beneficial category for B blood types.  I’m a moderate health freak; have generally eaten very healthy my whole life, but I’ve also been known to wolf down a burger or a plate of nachos.  And I’m not a saint; I drink alcohol.  And I would never tell a woman not to eat chocolate around that time of the month; please eat the chocolate!  I subscribe to the ‘everything in moderation’ rule.  Or like Weight Watchers, if you eat right most of the time, you can have an extravagant meal or day (or weekend) and then go back to your normal routine and still maintain a healthy weight.

What’s better than making something that tastes delicious that you know is awesome for you?  Aspirin and prescription drugs have only been around for a little over a hundred years.  Before that, people used food, plants and spices to cure themselves.  I’d rather drink my smoothie than take an aspirin daily, which is hard on the stomach, or ibuprofen, which is hard on the liver, etc.  Food is a drug that can heal your body; as the saying goes, “You are what you eat!”  So here’s to your very good health.  Or as the French say, “à votre santé!”

Do you have an awesome smoothie recipe?  Please share it!


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