Hello 2013!

Prelude:  A friend sent me a Facebook event invite to January’s “Mindful Writing Challenge.”  I started a new project in September which significantly reduced my blogging time, so my blog has been a little lonely lately. 😦  For January, I’ll be writing and posting a “small stone” daily in support of my desire for increased awareness and more disciplined writing.  These posts will be short paragraphs or poems.  Since my blog doesn’t focus on one topic or theme, but rather showcases my writing ability, this is yet another facet and will have its own category.

January 1st Small Stone

Soaking in a hot bubble bath tonight, I considered how central water is to me.  I’ve always lived close to some large body of water and cherished my beach days.  Water is so beautiful, peaceful and calming.  It soothes and relaxes me.  And if a beach isn’t readily handy, there’s nothing like a hot bubble bath!  I wondered why it’d been so long since I took one, but it is the perfect ritual for New Year’s Day.  Relaxing in the heat, I cleansed myself of 2012 by letting go of:  the death of a parent; the premature aging of an older sibling; disappointments big and small; epic storms; divisive politics; senseless acts of violence; obstacles and worst apocalypses ever.  I gave thanks for the family and friends who’ve supported me over the past year and for all that is *now* by planting seeds of intention and praying for those I love.  As I stepped out of the tub, I know I’m ready to embrace 2013 with hope, faith and love.  Hello 2013, happy to meet you!

Hello 2013!



2 Comments on “Hello 2013!”

  1. drpkp says:

    Oh Karen – So sorry for the losses and pain in 2012 and so delighted that you shared this delightful cleansing ritual as your first small stone.

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