My 3 Words for 2013

January 2nd Small Stone

Each new year we throw the word “resolution” around like it’s an empty extra-value meal bag and then quickly discard it like the same.  Resolution means to be resolved/determined about something.  For 2013, I’m setting monthly goals:  one major goal along with smaller goals.  My small goals for January include:  writing this daily small stone, doing more yoga and reading at least one fiction book.  I’ve written my goals for the first quarter.  At the end of March, I’ll reassess and write new ones for second quarter.  Studies have shown people who write down their goals are 95% more likely to accomplish them, so I’m physically writing them in a book.

Chris Brogan created his “3 Words” concept for structuring each year.  Christopher Penn was kind enough to include his and many others in his blog post 6 Tips to Start Your 2013 Off Right.  Mari Smith selects a one word theme for her year.  I read Mari’s NYE post and selected “success” as my theme for 2013.  After reading @cspenn’s post with everyone’s three words, I decided my three words are:

Love ~ Come from a space of love and a love for life.

Resolve ~ Be determined to reach my goals/desired state.

Success ~ Everyone defines success differently.  My simple definition is:  In optimal health, having something one loves to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to.

I called my mom yesterday to wish her a happy new year and she closed with, “Honey, I wish you a lot of success this year!” I smiled and told her that’s my 2013 theme; it feels like I’m already on my way!

2013 Three Words




2 Comments on “My 3 Words for 2013”

  1. Cynthia Lau says:

    I am really enjoying these “small stones” OK, there have only been 2, but I am enjoying the bite size thoughts. I hope you keep it up! and I hope you accomplish your goals this quarter and this year.

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