Vanity thy name is …

January 5th Small Stone


Checking out of Target,

The cashier says, “You remind me of Tea Leoni.”

Smiling inside and out, I say, “Thank you …

heard Kate Winslet and Meryl Streep before.”

Upon hearing Meryl her eyes open wide and she says, “Yes!”

(I really love Meryl, but don’t see it.)

I replied, “Tea’s beautiful, so I’ll take it!”

and we both laughed.

Leaving the store,

I wonder:  Why does this still matter to me?

Yoga for almost three years and my ego is still attached to this?


Is it because I was raised to be pretty & nice?

Is it because I’m aging?

Is it because women are taught beauty is their core value?

Why do I still care when I know better?



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