Weekend of Small Stones

I was busy this past weekend and wrote small stones in my head rather than here on WordPress:

Beach Walk

Walking the beach,

with Greg & Natali –

peeps sunbathing.

In the water,

gulls and pelicans,

gentle waves.

Bright sun –

mid ’80’s;

April in January.

Talking like people talk –

noise and sand –

I am at one with all of it.


Football Dreams

Watching the Green Bay vs. San Francisco game

he says, “It’s the heartbeat of their offense.”

I understand.

Like he’s the heartbeat of my defense.

Detox Weekend

Finished Dr. Oz’s 3 Day Cleanse.

How simple it really is

to eat right.

My body liked it –

lost 3 lbs.

It looked back forlornly

this morning: “So what

will you feed me now?”



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