Beach Sunset Bliss

January 26th Small Stone

Indian Rocks Beach Sunset

Walking the beach

the sand cold and damp under my feet,

the sun shining on the gentle rippling waves,

kids playing on the beach and in the surf,

people sitting, walking, fishing, talking,

a pelican dives down into the water.

I stop and wait to watch him

tilt his head back and swallow the fish.

Everything he needs is there.

People splashing in the cold water,

seagulls squealing in the background.

I turn back around

as the sun starts to sink.

I am one with everything and everyone;

standing, sitting, watching, walking,

kayakers silently waiting in the water,

all facing due west, gazing

as the sun goes lower.

Everyone at reverent attention

on my beach altar,

silent peace.

We stand and watch it sink,

pink with purple haze,

absolutely beautiful.

Walking back, I come upon

people standing at the water’s edge

facing the set sun,

a man and woman playing guitar and singing.

They sound so beautiful

it makes me cry for some reason.

Everyone praying in their own way.

I watch as we all leave

at peace.



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