Independence Day, 2017

Happy 241st Birthday, America!  This post has gestated since 1/21.  July 4th, the day Americans celebrate independence from rule except by a “government of the people, for the people, and by the people,” to quote Abraham Lincoln, was the day to start writing.

Dear Congress and Senate:

January 21st, I drove to Seneca Falls, NY, to attend the #WomensMarch. Seneca Falls is a small town – it was the setting for Bedford Falls in the movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ – and is the home of the National Women’s Hall of Fame.  I wanted to march in Washington, DC, but the birthplace of women’s rights held its own allure. Meditated on my reasons for going while driving:

  • Women’s rights, obviously.  Also, in alpha order:
  • #BlackLivesMatter
  • Climate Change / the environment
  • Gay Rights
  • Healthcare
  • Immigration Reform
  • Racial and religious tolerance

9,000 people descended on the small upstate NY town and its quaint streets lined with protesters.  After introductory remarks, the march began. We walked a while and then stopped at a church, where a surprising 39 speakers & performers were scheduled to speak, so I stayed to listen.

There were clergy, mayors, teachers, union reps, attorneys, Planned Parenthood, college professors, musicians, Black Lives Matter, environmental, and LGBTQ activists. Everyone expressed extreme concern about Mr. Trump’s intentions for already established rights. Listening, I silently screamed, “WHY, GOD?  Why have women, and blacks, and gays, and so many races been fighting for equality SO LONG? Centuries! WHY??

When the 1998 C-SPAN video of Hillary Clinton, then FLOTUS, speaking at the 150th anniversary celebration of Women’s Rights (in the same place I was standing) started, tears ran down my cheeks and wouldn’t stop.

Each speaker impressed me with their conviction and courage.  The minister who pleaded, “But, PLEASE, sisters, don’t lose heart,” made me instantly realize why I was there: I had lost heart. All of these people standing up for America’s freedoms completely uplifted me. I drafted a Kumbaya post in my head while driving home, but the ending eluded me trying to determine Donald Trump’s motivations.


Six days after the Women’s March, seven after Inauguration Day, Mr. Trump ordered a Travel Ban, commonly referred to as the Muslim Ban, prompting country-wide protests. Every day thereafter was one shocking announcement or action after another.  Mashable wrote an articleFebruary 1st – on how to cope.  To focus on work, I’d already turned off notifications after one week.

Highlight of key Executive Orders / Memos / legislation signed by Mr. Trump since 1/20:

  • Presidential Memorandum 8: Advance Construction of Keystone XL Pipeline  1/24/2017
  • Executive Order 4: Border Security (The wall)   1/25/2017
  • Executive Order 5: Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry (Muslim Ban)  1/27/2017
  • HR 370 Repeal Affordable Care Act
  • HR 861 Terminate the Environmental Protection Agency (established 1970)
  • HR 610 Vouchers for Public Education
  • HR 899 Terminate the Department of Education (established 1939)
  • HJR 69 Repeal Rule Protecting Wildlife
  • HR 354 Defund Planned Parenthood
  • HR 785 National Right to Work Act (anti union)
  • HR 83 Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities Act
  • HR 147 Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (criminalizes abortion)
  • HR 808 Sanctions against Iran
  • US withdrawal from 2015 Paris Climate Agreement

A complete list of everything Mr. Trump has signed since January 20th is linked here.

Every issue raised at the Seneca Falls Women’s March is at risk. To answer the post-election questions seen on Facebook: “What are you so worried about?”  “How much damage can he do?” the link above outlines the damage in complete detail.

While the above is more than enough, Mr. Trump exhibits extremely dangerous behaviors for a POTUS, as follows:

  1. Attacks our free press and media, recently tweeting about violence toward CNN.
  2. Selects people with no experience for key roles, e.g. Steve Bannon to National Security Council (since removed), Betsy DeVos to Secretary of Education.
  3. Turns daily White House briefings into a farcical, three-ring circus.
  4. Hires family with no political experience as key advisors.
  5. Lambasts his predecessor on Twitter regularly (to what end?).
  6. Denigrates and disrespects women, e.g. recent attack on ‘Morning Joe’ anchor Mika Brzezinski insinuating a bad facelift (Trump: women = bodies only).
  7. Isolates himself and inexperienced inner circle from Congress and Senate, so the people actually elected to run the country have no idea what is going on.
  8. Fires anyone who disagrees with him.
  9. Challenges and does not support NATO’s positions.

Whose Job Is It, Anyway?

On January 29, Congressman John Lewis tweeted, “This is a dark hour for America,” which I retweeted with, “Do NOT understand why we’re here: HRC won popular. FBI purposely created email BS. Russia hacked election. WHY is there NO RECOURSE?”  Researching how Checks & Balances are supposed to work was a great reminder there weren’t any computer algorithms 241 years ago to program, ‘If this, then that’ logic.  It’s completely dependent upon representatives in Congress and the Senate:  It is your job to defend and protect our Constitution and our country, and to remove any POTUS who is not defending or protecting the US Constitution or country.  That’s why you are paid in the top 20% of Americans and provided lifetime benefits.

Americans everywhere – journalists, doctors, lawyers, entertainers, teachers, farmers, merchants, truckers, manufacturers, data analysts, programmers, and everybody else – continue to work and take care of our families. Everybody’s doing their job. While many would love to, it’s your job to impeach him.

The last time Republicans held the Presidency and majority in Congress and Senate was under George W. Bush, whose administration left the country in financial ruin. It was convenient of the hackers to ensure this scenario to make impeachment more difficult.  More difficult, but not impossible.  Even ABC’s 20/20 did an episode on Nixon’s impeachment as a, “Look, kids, here’s how it’s done!”

What If?

Since people more educated and qualified have written, spoken, tweeted, and done a lot to indicate Mr. Trump should be impeached, let’s play the “What If?” game. Let’s imagine Mr. Trump remains POTUS and all of the legislation noted above passes. Ask yourself, dear Congressperson or Senator, will you be able to:

  • Pay for all of your relatives’ – siblings, siblings’ spouses, children, grandchildren –  healthcare if one of them gets cancer, is born with a birth defect, gets kidney disease, etc.?
  • Look your family in the eye if a loved one dies because ACA was replaced by a healthcare bill indicating everything is a preexisting condition (and 40 is old)?  Will this apply to you? It will to them.
  • Deal when abortion is illegal, your daughter / granddaughter / niece forgets her pill (now only available to the rich), ends up pregnant at 19, and then dead because she was embarrassed and found someone to perform an abortion?
  • Live in your waterfront property?  You may want to sell now since lakes and waters are rising and nothing is being done to stop it.


Donald Trump has never hidden who he is.  Since 1980’s real estate, then casinos, ‘The Apprentice,’ to the present, he has shown himself to be: a narcissist, bully, hypocrite, and someone who only cares about the deal/money.  Lawsuits from people claiming he didn’t pay them, to litigation and bankruptcies to preserve his wealth, to that disgusting video of how he grabs women; he has never presented himself as presidential material. Two of his three wives were born in Eastern Europe, but he wants to stop immigration. #OfCourse  It’s easy to surmise Mr. Trump’s motivation for selling America to Russia is simply the money being wired to businesses set up last fall.  This link is a complete list of conflicts of interest in his current role as POTUS.

Do you know what Vladimir Putin’s motivations are?  Is he really paying billions just for oil?  Does anyone know his true intentions?

Diving down the rabbit hole:  One of the first pieces of legislation Trump signed was the construction of the Keystone pipeline, central to his deal with Russia. Then the strategy to dismantle our democracy started with attacks on the free Press, freedom of speech, promoting fear, etc.  Next, intentionally annoying and generally trying to piss off our NATO allies. What if this is actually Putin’s strategy that Trump is poorly executing?  What if all of the ‘terrorist attacks’ in the past six months have been plants to increase fear?  What if Putin’s goal is to get us into war, where America does not stand with NATO, and then later, Russia comes after US, when we’ll be standing alone?  What if the proposed laws are designed to obliterate the already beaten down Middle-Class to create a proletariat to make babies at 20, classify old at 40, to die no later than 65 so Social Security and Medicare are no longer required?

Should we caption this 7/7/17 photo: Squad Goals?

Courtesy of ABC News

A picture is, indeed, worth 1000 words.  What do you see?  Please note who has the upper hand and who has the “you better get it done” look in his eyes.

It all sounds like a poorly written episode of Scandal, and completely ludicrous, right? Remember what prompted you to go into public service, review your years in Congress or the Senate, and then ask yourself if you’ve ever witnessed another president doing #1 – #9 above?  Or asking “If the West has the will to survive?” like he isn’t an American?  A year ago you would have declared that ludicrous.

When have you ever seen US newspaper headlines about what the Russian president thinks with the regularity of 2017?

When have you ever known America to not want to be #1 in:  education, climate, GNP, STEM, space, etc.?

Have you considered a wall to keep people out could also be used to keep people in? That 3 Billion dollars could rebuild roads and bridges, improve our educational system, feed kids while in school, and provide after school daycare, if not more?

Has Mr. Trump spent 2 hours and 16 minutes talking to anyone in Congress or the Senate about policy?  Seems that’s who he’s working for, and yesterday they jointly announced they’re putting the “whole Russian hacking thing” behind them.  #NiceToKnow

Will you allow 241 years of American freedom, growth and values to be dismantled in nine months?

Have you considered if Congress and the Senate will exist in Putin’s America? Do you really want to find out?

Drums Beating in the Distance

Angela Merkel’s recent statement that Europe must take its fate into its own hands gave me shivers.  Unfortunately, I see exactly what Ms. Merkel sees.

I pray for your courage to defend America from this blatant attack, which is causing protests all over the world because people are tired of dictatorships, war, and poverty.

Please read Amy Siskind’s list for more. God bless you, Amy!  I didn’t have your fortitude to deal with it every day.

For The Record

  • It is illegal to request voting records from every state. If provided, there will not be a fair election again in our lifetime; elaborate computer algorithms do exist now.
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton – Woman of Steel – the eternal phoenix rising from the ashes – did not lose the election; it was stolen from her.  It wasn’t about Bernie, the Democratic platform, or voters. President Obama was beyond correct when he said no one has ever been as prepared to be POTUS.  Search history for the man who lived in a Governor’s house, lived in / understood the White House, was a Senator, and the Secretary of State prior to becoming POTUS.  I am very sorry, Hillary; for you, and for US.
  • I’ve never liked Donald Trump, and my distaste has grown exponentially in a year.
  • I’ve never worked in government or the press. I have no ties to the CIA, FBI, NSA, or B613 even. Have always worked in the private sector, without promise of a pension or lifetime healthcare.
  • Do we know yet who paid the Macedonian town to create the Fake News sites (click revenue isn’t overnight)?  Whoever did, they’re now paying them to be Trump supporters on Twitter.  Why they didn’t recognize the Declaration of Independence?

Sincere thanks to everyone standing up for America, and all of the #WomensMarch organizers and participants. Wrote this post while the Internet and I are both still free, and dedicate it to all of you.

May God bless and protect the United States of America and our freedoms.


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