January 25th Small Stone

Fear can rear

its ugly head

up from subterranean depths

even in those who consider themselves


Always the fear of loss:

losing love

or money

or some ego attachment.

Only love can cure it.

Everything else,

ego and money and titles and things,

keep fear captive in the basement

of our souls.




January 18th Small Stone


The solitary moment

when in the snap of a finger

reality dances

slowly across my mind;

not overwhelming

but rather totally empowering.

I see it clearly

as the blue sky.



January 16th Small Stone

Waiting in line at the Costco pharmacy a long time, feeling the impatience of customers and stress of employees, the woman at the register was still kind to me.  I’d transferred a prescription from CVS after they raised the price again … “Could you please step to the other window to fill out some paperwork?”  At the new window I asked the woman if they were short staffed and we started small talking about seasonality, snowbirds and cost structures, when she said, “The address we have for you is Marymont Place.”  I laughed and said, “That was 1996 – 1998.”  She replied, “I lived in San Diego then too.”  We both agreed that San Diego was freaking gorgeous and freaking expensive and chatted about which Coscto we shopped at then.  She commented, “I raised my kids there; we were in Oceanside.”  I asked if her husband was in the military at Camp Pendleton and she said, “We were together 25 years, went to our Jr. and Sr. proms together, raised our kids, I thought it was great and he goes and falls in love with someone else.”  She still looked relatively young, so I could tell they had been together since 15 or 16.  Then she started telling me about the other woman and how two of her kids followed their father’s footsteps in the Marines and send her pictures of places they lived while growing up there asking, “Remember when we lived here Mom?”  I told her she looked great, landed on her feet and to stay strong: “It wasn’t about you; it was about him.”  She replied, “Thanks for the pep talk.  You know, I try not to let it change me, but … but it leaves a residue.”  All I could say is, “Yes, it does.”

Waiting in the grocery check out, I wondered how many women who’ve been divorced for years still wonder why they weren’t enough?  Good enough?  And blame themselves?

Walking out of Costco knowing I saved money (always a good thing), I noticed some residue around my eyes and wondered if broken hearts heal stronger like broken bones do?  Or is there always the residue of fracture?


Happy Birthday Martin

January 15th Small Stone


I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.  August 28, 1963

Over the past fifty years that dream has been expanded to include: gender, all races, sexual preference, disability, size, etc.  We all have that dream; at least I always have.

But life, Dr. Brian Weiss, and yoga have taught me that our souls are here to learn and often our packaging, and the experiences part and parcel to it, are significant to what our souls want and need to learn.  Since said packaging is just that; our souls live forever, and each is on their own journey to learn what they’ve come to learn, why does this equality really matter?

It matters because until we all – in every country, of every race, gender, hair color, eye color, size, shape, religion, sexual preference, disabled, etc. – until we all see the soul, divinity, worth and value in each other, only then can we live on this beautiful heaven on earth in peace.  When we can do that, we all will have triumphed.

So thank you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for your dream.  It paved the way for my life and my dreams.

Happy Birthday with love!


Weekend of Small Stones

I was busy this past weekend and wrote small stones in my head rather than here on WordPress:

Beach Walk

Walking the beach,

with Greg & Natali –

peeps sunbathing.

In the water,

gulls and pelicans,

gentle waves.

Bright sun –

mid ’80’s;

April in January.

Talking like people talk –

noise and sand –

I am at one with all of it.


Football Dreams

Watching the Green Bay vs. San Francisco game

he says, “It’s the heartbeat of their offense.”

I understand.

Like he’s the heartbeat of my defense.

Detox Weekend

Finished Dr. Oz’s 3 Day Cleanse.

How simple it really is

to eat right.

My body liked it –

lost 3 lbs.

It looked back forlornly

this morning: “So what

will you feed me now?”


New Moon

January 11th Small Stone:

New Heart

New, new, new:

each morning a new day,

new weeks,

every new month has its new moon.

New years, new decades.

With so many opportunities,

why are we sometimes stuck in the same ‘space’

for days, months, years or decades?

Until some event, change, understanding


and the world opens up again?

Open yourself up anew today!



January 8th Small Stone

Yoga 4 All

Poses tire my body,

breathing relaxes my mind,

so I can sink down



into my soul

to find peace.

Yoked, once again.